Did you know that “Scream” was painted on a piece of cardboard in 1893 and is estimated to be worth more than the “Mona Lisa”?

Munch also covered up a dent in the, ehm, “canvas”, with a dark blue blob of oil paint, someone wrote the sentence “this must have been painted by a madman” across the sky of the painting, Munch let the piece “breathe” in fresh air, believing that rain and bird poop (yes, there is bird poop on there too) would toughen the artwork? There is also a spray of candle wax on the front of the painting and the backside of the cardboard features stamps and stickers from toll and postage as well as an early draft of the painting itself.!/video/62486/derfor-er-det-fugleb%C3%A6sj-p%C3%A5-munchs-skrik


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