Moving in

Moving – the least glamorous and most awful experience in the world. Especially when done on a budget.

As any responsible and cost-effective, unlicensed, unemployed student in New York City would do, I naturally transported all of my shit on the MTA. Apart from some evil-eyes on the C-train and some annoyed huffing, it all went… well not smoothly, but it went. I got all my stuff from midtown Manhattan to half-deep Brooklyn in the matter of months! As much as I hate the process of actually moving (imagine me on the subway with a twin size bed and mattress, then there was the 200 pounds worth of books, then a desk and a swivel chair, not to mention the multiple truckloads worth of clothes, tools, kitchen supplies, food I didn’t want to throw out, office supplies, camera equipment and all the tiny crap that adds up to over a ton of backbreaking weight, then you might imagine why), I truly enjoy setting camp. So it wasn’t altogether awful, I suppose. At least there was one good cherry in the large pile of mold.

The most fun thing about moving is reinventing your stuff. So kill me PEETA and Green Peace, but I don’t do it for you. I’m just a poor old kid at the verge of adulthood playing around with my own wallet at the expense of my own future. Moving to a larger space but smaller room, the full size bed was not going to work. And since some smart idiot decided that full size was not going to be the equivalent of two twins, I had a lot of bed slats left over. Bed slats are ingenious creations. Flat, planked, untreated, solid wood structures that can be used for just about anything. So, in way of saving money on therapy, extra furniture, space and yes, also saving the planet, I kept them. And after a few weeks of contemplations and a few hours of work, I now have a cute little bookshelf for the office and extra kitchen counter space. And If I may say so myself, they are truly two one of a kind, solid, unique and priceless, custom made pieces.

 bokhylle I kjøkkenbenk bokhylle II

In the name of my own conscience, I would like to apologize to any persons who suffered physical or emotional pain or annoyance by my moving my stuff on the subway (on one occasion during rush hours). I also apologize to the dear friend who suffered and sweated with me under my heavy loads of crap. You know who you are.


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