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Moving in

Moving – the least glamorous and most awful experience in the world. Especially when done on a budget.

As any responsible and cost-effective, unlicensed, unemployed student in New York City would do, I naturally transported all of my shit on the MTA. Apart from some evil-eyes on the C-train and some annoyed huffing, it all went… well not smoothly, but it went. I got all my stuff from midtown Manhattan to half-deep Brooklyn in the matter of months! As much as I hate the process of actually moving (imagine me on the subway with a twin size bed and mattress, then there was the 200 pounds worth of books, then a desk and a swivel chair, not to mention the multiple truckloads worth of clothes, tools, kitchen supplies, food I didn’t want to throw out, office supplies, camera equipment and all the tiny crap that adds up to over a ton of backbreaking weight, then you might imagine why), I truly enjoy setting camp. So it wasn’t altogether awful, I suppose. At least there was one good cherry in the large pile of mold.

The most fun thing about moving is reinventing your stuff. So kill me PEETA and Green Peace, but I don’t do it for you. I’m just a poor old kid at the verge of adulthood playing around with my own wallet at the expense of my own future. Moving to a larger space but smaller room, the full size bed was not going to work. And since some smart idiot decided that full size was not going to be the equivalent of two twins, I had a lot of bed slats left over. Bed slats are ingenious creations. Flat, planked, untreated, solid wood structures that can be used for just about anything. So, in way of saving money on therapy, extra furniture, space and yes, also saving the planet, I kept them. And after a few weeks of contemplations and a few hours of work, I now have a cute little bookshelf for the office and extra kitchen counter space. And If I may say so myself, they are truly two one of a kind, solid, unique and priceless, custom made pieces.

 bokhylle I kjøkkenbenk bokhylle II

In the name of my own conscience, I would like to apologize to any persons who suffered physical or emotional pain or annoyance by my moving my stuff on the subway (on one occasion during rush hours). I also apologize to the dear friend who suffered and sweated with me under my heavy loads of crap. You know who you are.


Du ska få ein dag i mårå

Jeg er i et rart humør i dag. Eksamen i sang er overstått og kanskje til og med bestått, fimlfestival (med en stk. film som jeg spiller i) kommer snart, Alexander Dale Oens bortgang ruver over hodene våre, jeg har bare en innleveringsoppgave igjen for hele semesteret, det er 3 dager igjen til jeg reiser til Norge, mye stress med potensiell transfer til høsten, rommet er pakket og tomt, og så har jeg hatt Lana Del Rey på replay de siste dagene. Jeg klarer ikke helt å definere hva den dama får meg til å føle. Det er noe fengslende, hjemsøkende og sært med den stemmen.

Det er noe med de dagene når alt plutselig bare skjer samtidig, forskjellige følelser drar deg i ulike retninger og hodet disser så du nesten får nakkesleng. Det føles deilig å være ferdig med eksamner, jeg er fortsatt i fornektelses fasen med den siste oppgaven som skal inn (“har 2 dager på meg jo”), jeg gru-gleder meg til film festivalen, jeg hjemsøkes av Lana Del Rey’s stemme, og alle nyhetene og postene om Alexander Dale Oen får meg til å kjenne hjertet i halsen for et lite øyeblikk. Hvordan går det an å plutselig føle så mye rart samtidig når de fleste andre dager bare går forbi i den samme grå tåka?

Det er rart å tenke på at jeg snart skal tilbake til der jeg var før jeg kom til Long Island, og at jeg skal være hjemme lengre enn hva jeg har vert her. Jeg liker virkelig ikke lange sommre; de føles bare som en tidfyller, tid som må passere før du får lov til å gå fra A til B. Er det noe jeg ikke er, er det en tolmodig sjel. Når jeg vet hva jeg vil, vil jeg det med en gang. Jeg tror jeg fortsatt fornekter slutten av semesteret litt, ubevisst eller ikke. Jeg er ikke klar for å si hejdå til alt dette helt enda. Jeg vet ikke hvordan ting kommer til å være til høsten, og jeg blir gal av å ikke vite, av å vente, av å lure.

Lista over ting jeg aldri hadde gjettet at skulle skje så fort vokser, samtidig som en del av meg føler det ikke er nok. Jeg har tid til mer, jeg vil gjøre mer.

  1. Synge foran en jurie
  2. Spille i en kortfilm
  3. Se meg selv på storskjerm sammen med publikum
  4. Leite etter leilighet på Manhattan
  5. Søke på ny skole – igjen.

up and down

So I know it’s been a while since I checked in with you all, and for that I take full responsability. Lots of things have gone down, but nothing’s really changed. Midterms, St. Patricks Day and Spring Break have all come and gone, I’ve felt overwhelming happiness and joy, I’ve touched on depression and I’ve broke down a few times. I’ve overcome some big obstacles, and I still have more to look forward to. I’ve listened to some great music, seen some great shows and had some really enlightening conversations. I’ve done my homework, presented my projects, applied to jobs and visited the city. I’ve thrown up, realized that me and Pratt (the gym) are becoming friendly and seen some people I hadn’t seen in a loong time. Overall, I really can’t complain. Yes, sometimes things are tough, and no, I don’t always feel on top of my game, but looking at the whole picture I feel I am very much on the right path, and no one said the right path would be easy.

Lately, I’ve brought some small and some larger changes into my life, and I feel good about them. I’ve realized that I’m not a black/white kind of person, and so I’m taking baby steps. I have quit shampoo and gone “no-poo”, which is perhaps the most radical change I’ve made. I’ve also started keeping a diary again, which really also is kind of radical. The gym and I are really becoming quite well aquainted, and I’ve noticed that every workout gets a little bit easier and a little bit more fun. I find I can push myself further and harder, run faster and longer, and lift heavier and higher. Baby steps. Feeling good!

In five weeks time I will be heading back home to my beautiful Norway. I do not have a job yet, but am contemplating my options before I apply. I’m not sure what I would like to do and where I would like to go (assuming I have options), but that needs to get sorted out soon, ’cause regardless of what happens, I need a job. Fo sho.

I don’t have a camera, but I have taken some random and some cute pictures with my iPad, and one day I might just get around to showing you some of those. Be patient with me, please.

Lots of love, and appreciation to my beautiful friends, readers, stumblers and stalkers.

Happy Monday and Peace out.

College Prep

Now that I’m getting ready to dive into the All-American College Experience, doing some research seemed like a good idea. So, I joined stumbleupon in hopes of finding something funny, something blue and something borrowed. After spending hours looking at all sorts of wedding photos and reading 101 stories from MMT, I ended up here.

Despite the fact that this particular article seems to have been written by and mostly for the male students, it proved to be extremely helpful reading, and here is some of what I learned:

    • Quarters are like gold
    • Flip-flops become as important as soap and shampoo
    • Asleep by 2:30 AM is an early night
    • Make sure your alarm clock has back-up batteries
    • Duct tape heals all wounds
    • Going to the mailbox was never an ego-booster (or ego-breaker) before
    • You begin to nap again
    • Frat parties are exactly like they are in the movies
    • Forget putting the toilet seat down, you just pray that they flush
    • Keep your high school term papers; nowadays, everything is recycled
    • You meet the type of people you only thought existed in the movies
    • You learn to sleep with light, noise, extreme temperatures, and roommates snoring
    • You get good at rationalizing on whether to do homework or not
    • Procrastination becomes an art
    • Boys will dance in college
    • People magazine is your deep philo
      sophical reading material

Get ready for me College, cuz her I come!


After spending multiple tweets, one post too many and quite a bit of energy on complaining, or rather spreading awareness on my Personal Statement issues, I neglected to mention that the PSE is done and handed in. Instead, I was going to move right on to eh, spreading awareness on my monologue issues. I have memorized this pierce, and have yet to memorize that piece. Then I have to record it, and then I have to hope that it is good, and submit it to the school. Then I have to wait. And sometime before Christmas, I’ll know if I’m going to go to the USandA come January 2012, or if I will still be at IKEA. Not shopping. I’m not going to undermine this or anything, but I am a little bit excited. It has the potential to be a little bit exciting. Knock on wood.

Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement essay turned out to be a lot harder than I had expected, and as I’m applying for the Spring 2012 semester, I don’t have all the time in the world to finish this thing either. How am I supposed to make the committee like me, sympathize with me and want me at their school without sounding crazy, insane, boring or fake? I think I settled on a hook, though, finally. I don’t know if I’ll use just one or both, but I quite like these quotes right here:

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
– E. E. Cummings

“Learn to… be what you are, and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not.”
– Henri Frederic Amiel

Any takes on how I should proceed, what I should include and/or what I should leave out? Chill out


Som kanskje flere ungdom på denne tiden av året er jeg på en desperat jobb-søknads-inspurt. Er det normalt å sende ut 16 søknader i løpet av en time? Det er ikke første gangen jeg har gjort det i år, og jeg er fortsatt arbeidsledig.

Kanskje det ikke er før man nærmer seg slutten av “obligatorisk” skolegang at man forstår verdien i penger. Kontoen som tidligere har vokst ved hver bursdag, jul og hvert besøk av besteforeldre har ikke gjort annet enn å minske helt siden jeg fikk tilgang til den. Og nå trenger man jobb.

Etter å ha bladd gjennom alle stillingene på for Stavanger og Sandnes, samt besøkt sider som pizzabakeren, deli de luca, mcdonalds, stavanger aftenblad, TV2 og NRK (!!) frister det i grunnen bare å sette opp et hagesalg med alt jeg ikke trenger ta med meg på høstens kommende reiser (som jeg ikke har råd til om jeg ikke får jobb, btw).

Jeg er så lei av ting. Ting ingen trenger eller vil ha, ting som bare står å samler støv. Hadde man bare fått penger for å levere slike ting til fretex. hah.

Noen som vil ha gardiner, krus, skåler, bestikk, DVDer, bøker (kun solgt for dobbel pris av innkjøpspris), høytalere, klær, sko, lys, pynteting, 3D briller (har to par), printer, leselampe, pledd, pynteputer, bamser, linjaler, penner eller russeavisa til Drottningborgrussen 2011, er det bare å ta kontakt! Alt kan selges så lenge prisen er rett 🙂

edel (dot) garstad (at) gmail (dot) com