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Moving in

Moving – the least glamorous and most awful experience in the world. Especially when done on a budget.

As any responsible and cost-effective, unlicensed, unemployed student in New York City would do, I naturally transported all of my shit on the MTA. Apart from some evil-eyes on the C-train and some annoyed huffing, it all went… well not smoothly, but it went. I got all my stuff from midtown Manhattan to half-deep Brooklyn in the matter of months! As much as I hate the process of actually moving (imagine me on the subway with a twin size bed and mattress, then there was the 200 pounds worth of books, then a desk and a swivel chair, not to mention the multiple truckloads worth of clothes, tools, kitchen supplies, food I didn’t want to throw out, office supplies, camera equipment and all the tiny crap that adds up to over a ton of backbreaking weight, then you might imagine why), I truly enjoy setting camp. So it wasn’t altogether awful, I suppose. At least there was one good cherry in the large pile of mold.

The most fun thing about moving is reinventing your stuff. So kill me PEETA and Green Peace, but I don’t do it for you. I’m just a poor old kid at the verge of adulthood playing around with my own wallet at the expense of my own future. Moving to a larger space but smaller room, the full size bed was not going to work. And since some smart idiot decided that full size was not going to be the equivalent of two twins, I had a lot of bed slats left over. Bed slats are ingenious creations. Flat, planked, untreated, solid wood structures that can be used for just about anything. So, in way of saving money on therapy, extra furniture, space and yes, also saving the planet, I kept them. And after a few weeks of contemplations and a few hours of work, I now have a cute little bookshelf for the office and extra kitchen counter space. And If I may say so myself, they are truly two one of a kind, solid, unique and priceless, custom made pieces.

 bokhylle I kjøkkenbenk bokhylle II

In the name of my own conscience, I would like to apologize to any persons who suffered physical or emotional pain or annoyance by my moving my stuff on the subway (on one occasion during rush hours). I also apologize to the dear friend who suffered and sweated with me under my heavy loads of crap. You know who you are.


up and down

So I know it’s been a while since I checked in with you all, and for that I take full responsability. Lots of things have gone down, but nothing’s really changed. Midterms, St. Patricks Day and Spring Break have all come and gone, I’ve felt overwhelming happiness and joy, I’ve touched on depression and I’ve broke down a few times. I’ve overcome some big obstacles, and I still have more to look forward to. I’ve listened to some great music, seen some great shows and had some really enlightening conversations. I’ve done my homework, presented my projects, applied to jobs and visited the city. I’ve thrown up, realized that me and Pratt (the gym) are becoming friendly and seen some people I hadn’t seen in a loong time. Overall, I really can’t complain. Yes, sometimes things are tough, and no, I don’t always feel on top of my game, but looking at the whole picture I feel I am very much on the right path, and no one said the right path would be easy.

Lately, I’ve brought some small and some larger changes into my life, and I feel good about them. I’ve realized that I’m not a black/white kind of person, and so I’m taking baby steps. I have quit shampoo and gone “no-poo”, which is perhaps the most radical change I’ve made. I’ve also started keeping a diary again, which really also is kind of radical. The gym and I are really becoming quite well aquainted, and I’ve noticed that every workout gets a little bit easier and a little bit more fun. I find I can push myself further and harder, run faster and longer, and lift heavier and higher. Baby steps. Feeling good!

In five weeks time I will be heading back home to my beautiful Norway. I do not have a job yet, but am contemplating my options before I apply. I’m not sure what I would like to do and where I would like to go (assuming I have options), but that needs to get sorted out soon, ’cause regardless of what happens, I need a job. Fo sho.

I don’t have a camera, but I have taken some random and some cute pictures with my iPad, and one day I might just get around to showing you some of those. Be patient with me, please.

Lots of love, and appreciation to my beautiful friends, readers, stumblers and stalkers.

Happy Monday and Peace out.

What’s up?

I might tell you a little about how I’ve feel about all this later, but for now, I’ll just give you the inns on what’s been going down the last couple of days. I arrived on campus Saturday the 14th, and knew no one and pretty much nothing. Other international students and Father Ted met us at the Interfaith center, and we all got to sign up and get our rooms. You will not believe how many Norwegian students there are here, it’s insane. And swedes too. Crazy. I live in Brookville, the town and the dorm. It’s co-ed, meaning my floor has half girls and half boys. The bathrooms are really clean and nice, and there are these super sweet signs on the stall doors that read “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and whipe the seat”. In bright colors and with cute little drops drawn all over it.

When I came into my room, it was obvious that I was going to have a roommate. One half of the room was occupied by crayons, books, sheet music, viola cases and a keyboard. I figured she was a music major, and I was right. She’s 19, works at a library, has a car and loves taco bell. It’s perfect. So yeah, I dare say I’m pretty pleased.

Before I met my roomate, however, there were two days with all international students and staff on campus. It was great. There are some really awesome Indians and Asians here, and of course, a lot of Scandinavians (though I actually haven’t met a single Dane yet..). We all had to suffer through International Student Orientation, with a lot of good and a lot of forgettable information. At times it feels like my head is about to explode. We’ve also been to IKEA and Target, and spent more money than I care to tell you on setting up our rooms. I’m quite happy with the way my room looks, but roomie keeps telling me somthing is missing, so I won’t show you yet (I know that’s a lousy way to tell you I’m too lazy to plug out the cable to the internet, rearrange the mac, click that button and take that photo, but hey…).

Tomorrow is the first day of classes and I’m feeling a very excited and a little bit scared. I have Music 1 from 9:30 to 10:50, Introduction to College Mathematics from 11:00-12:20 and Ballet 1 from 2:00-3:20. Then I’m planning on signing up for swimming lessons (I know how to swim, but only doggy style) and personal trainer lessons (all free of charge for students), and then I’ll see if I can get the whole phone thing sorted out. For now, you can message me here, on facebook, twitter og gmail, or, preferably, send me something here:

Edel Garstad
Kings Hall Box #1078
720 Norhtern Boulevard
Brookville, NY, USA 11549

I ❤ Mail


Stream of consciousness from a day of travel

I saw Mia Gundersen and Dan Børge Akerø at Sola, and Atle Pettersen at Gardermoen. Only in Norway is an 8 hour drive a 40 minute flight. I almost left the plane without my folder of papers and originals. It was located in the pouch in the seat in front of me. It’s bright red. The seat was blue. First, I’m picked out for a random spot check, then the operator got suspicious of my pouch of american dollar coins that I had in my backpack. Hell-ooh! I’m going to Iceland!

I learned that almost as scary as waking up in a bath tub, is waking up 4000 feet in the air, when you can’t remember leaving ground, and you could swear on your life you’ve been awake the whole time… I love Iceland Air!! Note to self: get some Sigur Ros and Jonsi music on here, now! (written on my ipod). This year I have learned what it means to be dazzled and to fall in love at first sight. Don’t worry Iceland, I WILL be back soon!! I went to the wrong gate at the Reykjavik airport. Iceland is still bound to her old lord, Denmark, or so it seems, as the captain is obliged to read the instructions in Danish as well as Icelandic and English. I realized I really have a huge crush on all things Iceland.. Have you ever watched a 6 hour long sunset from 4000 feet in the air? Literally flying into the sunset. Most beautiful 6 hour ride ever. They should televise a minute by minute of this.

Finally, the sun set after a 6 hour long sunset. The ground is dark, the sky is lighter, and in the middle they melt into red. Red like everything in the movie drive. Everything except Goslings jacket. Is there such a thing as the right kind of bad? I think so.. #drive Whoha! Theres red on the jacket! Looking down on this black sea of trees and hills and stones and lights shaped like octopuses, all connected, whilst all still so isolated. It’s just like us. The living, the breathing. After having travelled for 17 hours, sweaty and whiped, I’m told I look better than the girl on my creditcard photo. Potential?

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

I still feel it’s a little dangerous to get too excited about the next big move. For several reasons I’m scared I’ll get my hopes up for nothing. 1, I don’t have a visa, yet. 2, I have not been approved for government funded scholarship and loan – without which I would not be able to fund my education. 3, I don’t have a plane ticket yet. These are all probably silly reasons, but I still feel like there’s room for something to crash and burn, and I’m scared I’ll be in the middle of the mess. Move-in day is in 39 days, and I have a LOT to get done by then.

Thing just seem to be going too smoothly, and I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I really hope it won’t.

Dear Santa,
Don’t let the other shoe drop.
I swear I’ve been good all year! And the year before that and before that!
You can ask my mom and dad, I’m sure they’ll agree.
Thank you.

On a brighter note, I’m at a really good place right now, and I keep wondering how much better it could possibly get. My life is good!

New York, New York <3

It’s not Augustana, it’s New York. I changed my mind. I got accepted to Long Island University C.W. Post Campus for a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts: Acting. I’m one of between 16-22 students annually accepted to this program at school, and I keep wondering if the admission committee watched the wrong audition tape. It is probably too good to be true, but I keep waking up to the same reality, and every time I pinch my arm, it hurts. So I’ve allowed myself to get a little bit excited.

To Augustana, I’m sorry I’m so indecisive, to New York, dying to see you again!

January 14th is Move-In day.


I’ve spent hours on my blog today, but I have yet to tell you that I took my spot at Augustana. I payed the deposit and cancelled my other applications. It’s official. So, in 77 days, I’ll be @Augustana. Currently, it looks like I’ll be double majoring in English and Theatre. Under graduate, of course, and it will take about three years. It’s still a little surreal, but I’m excited to get started, and to hit the books again. It’s been a long time coming, and I hope it’s going to be as awesome as I think it will be.

I am seriously obsessed with Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald right now. THEY ARE TOO CUTE!
Q: How did you know he was the one?
A: I don’t remember the moment, I just remember it being that way. […] All the things about him that could bother other people don’t bother me, and all the things about me that could bother people don’t bother him.

Nikki wrote the lyrics and Paul wrote the music for the song “Now that I found you,” which in a matter of minutes climbed to the top of my favorite songs of the year list. I am in love with it! SERIOUSLY. They/she/it is too cute!

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