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Official Hunger Games Theatrical Trailer

I am so frekin’ excited about this I could die. It looks amazing, different and better than I had previously imagined, but it looks true to the book, AND like a good movie on it’s own. Hope they’re not just making fools out of us.


Procrastination pt. II

The NextMovie Staff just released a series of Movie Icons remade as South Park characters. Who did they do? Pulp Fiction, The Dude, Harry Potter, Edward Cullen and Katniss Everdeen to name a few. Check out the pictures here. Whaddaya think? Like The Twilight Source, I love the sparkles on Edward. Sure, in the book I didn’t exactly see him sparkling as if he’d fallen into a bucket of glitter, but it works well with the image they made in the film.

The Katniss Everdeen character, I thought, was rather plain. However, even just thinking about it makes me shudder with excitement. Of course, we’ve all seen the teaser trailer, featuring the arena, trees, flames, Katniss, her archery and Gales voice. I can’t say I was too familiar with the cast when it was first announced, but I’m starting to like it. A few weeks ago I saw Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) in “Journey to the centre of the earth” and Amandla Stenberg (Rue) in “Colombiana”. I can see Hutcherson being a good bakers-son, and Amandla is just bad ass. She’s got the fierceness, vulnerability and credibility she’ll need to play Rue, and I think she might steal the show. My hopes and expectations are getting really high, hope it’s not for nothing.

First official photo from the Hunger Games Movie!

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen!

The 20 year old actress previously known for movies such as “Winters Bone” and “X-men: first class” signed the contract with Lionsgate some time ago, while shooting is rumored to begin later this month. The movie is scheduled for a March 2012 release and the full cast list can be found on – featuring such young actors as Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson.

What do y’all think?

Official info on the Hunger Games Movie

In honor of all my blog-stumble-uponers who happen to come across my blog looking for info on the Hunger Games, I figured I’d let you know what’s down with that, in case you’re not keeping yourselves updated on,  twitter or such sites.

So, lets start with the option for the books. This was purchased by Lionsgate Entertainment a while back, while information on the stars were only recently made official. The film will be directed by Gary Ross, who’s been writing, producing, directing and acting for decades, with four Academy Award nominations under his belt. The script – although rumored to be adapted by Suzanne herself, has been provided by Billy Ray (not Cyrus). Though, the most exciting part for y’all, I’m sure, are the actors.

Jenifer Lawrence (Winters Bone) will play Katniss Everdeen – the beautiful, tough, kick ass lead. Josh Hutcherson (The Bridge to Terabithia, The Kids Are Allright) will play the baker’s buff but soft son, Peeta Mellark, while Liam Hemsworth (The Last Song) will play the handsome, older best friend, Gale Hawthorne.

Sidekick: You might not want to click the characters names, unless you’re immune to spoilers. I mean REAL spoilers.

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The movie is scheduled for release on March 23rd 2012.

For all those disappointed that Katniss won’t be played by Kristen Stewart and Peeta and Gale by Robert and Taylor (I’m sorry, but I’m not one of you) – don’t be. If you want to see more of these awesome people, you can get excited about all of their new projects. KStew was recently cast as Snow White in an upcoming film, while another project of hers that I’m really excited about, On the Road is on the way. RPatz‘ movie Water for Elephants will hit theaters before you can say Water, and Taylors movie Abduction is also soon to be released.

Oh no, little people. You won’t be bored.

Also, if you’d like some Hunger Games action, watch this aweseom video made by MainstayPro. These people are NOT involved with the official movie, but sure know how to work it!

The Hunger Games

“Katniss! Katniss!” (…) “Rue! I’m coming!” When I break into the clearing, she’s on the ground, hopelessly entangled in a net. She just has time to reach her hand through the mesh and say my name before the spear enters her body. The boy from District 1 dies before he can pull out the spear. My arrow drives deeply into the center of his neck. He falls to his knees and halves the brief remainder of his life by yanking out the arrow and drowning in his own blood. (…) For a moment, I sit there, watching my tears drip down on her face. Rue’s cannon fires. I lean forward and press my lips against her temple. Slowly, as if not to wake her, I lay her head back on the ground and release her hand. They’ll want me to clear now. So they can collect the bodies. (…) I roll the boy from district 1 onto his face and take his pack, retrieve the arrow that ended his life. I cut Rue’s pack from her back as well, knowing she’d want me to have it but leave the spear in her stomach. (…) I can’t stop looking at Rue, smaller than ever, a baby animal curled up in a nest for nesting. (…) To hate the boy from District 1, who also appears so vulnerable in death, seems inadequate. It’s the capitol I hate, for doing this to all of us.

Exerpt from chapters 17-18 of The Hunger Games by The Awesome Suzanne Collins

Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen

I just finished reading “The Hunger Games” for a second time, and I felt inspired to write about Katniss and Peeta. Obviously, well if you’re a fan, you know there are team Peeta and team Gale. Everybody’s got an opinion, quite frankly, so do I. This is based on The Hunger Games only, not the sequels. We’ll save those for later. Also, I have to say, there is nothing revolutionary about my opinions. It’s the most obvious explanation ever, and I doubt I’m the first to think of it.

So, Katniss is just your average as-far-from-average-as-earthly-possible teen. She’s never felt a romantic kind of love, and she does not know she’s in love with anyone, and to me that’s as good as: she’s not in love with anyone. What could have happened if Prim’s name hadn’t been drawn at the reaping, or Peeta’s wasn’t, or if Gale and Katniss had indeed ran away, are completely different scenarios. But Katniss and Gale didn’t run away, Prim’s name was drawn at the reaping, Katniss volunteered and Peeta got sent to the arena with her. That’s just how the story goes.

In the beginning, Peeta knows Katniss is not at his level, and she told him clearly prior to going into the arena “let’s not pretend when nobody’s watching.” She was straight with him whenever she could, but obviously, with the whole of Panem watching, depending on their “star crossed romance” to get them through, she couldn’t have done anything differently in the Arena. Katniss is a survivor. Peeta is a romantic. Katniss has, since her father passed, at the age of eleven, been forced into unfortunate situations, and it’s toughened her up. She’s not much of a girl anymore. She’s older and stronger. And it makes her the odd one. Romance is the last thing on Katniss’ mind, the first is survival. When in the arena, the thought of her feeling something more for Peeta than what she’ll admit to, only briefly crosses her mind. When back in Distric 12, Peeta – of course is bound to get hurt – acts completely irrational. He should have understood, and I think, maybe in time, Katniss might come to love him, just like she might have come to love Gale if she hadn’t gone to the Arena. But in the arena, she simply feels like she (key word coming up): owes Peeta. She’s thinking survival, but the strings that tie her to Peeta is the fact that she feels she owes him. ‘The first favor is the hardest to repay.’ Nothing more.

Once in healthy circumstances, who knows what she’ll feel, but Katniss is never going to be the person she was, and the Games will always haunt her. Preasuring her into a said situation is neither right, nor is it going to do any good – unless you count making her even more confused.

In my critical world, Katniss does not love Peeta – in a romantic sort of way at the least. She feels she owes him, and thanks to the mine explosion, her mother, the Capitol and the Games, her main goal in life is survival, for herself and her family.

I like Peeta. I like him a lot. I think he might even be good for Katniss, but if she doesn’t love him, what’s it good for? Nothing at all. That’s what.

Oh, and on a different note – I love the fact that they are making a movie out of this. The plot in the book is original, and though romantic, it is so in a very twisted and interesting fashion. There’s nothing cliché about this. BUT: FanCast Suggestions bother me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE Twilight fan, but this is NOT Twilight. Robert Pattinson as Peeta Mellark, Taylor Lautner as Gale Hawthorne and Kristen Stewart as Katniss Everdeen is NOT happening!! I like that a lot of people suggest Ellen Page for Katniss, but I don’t really see it happening. Not her type of movie, I guess. What’s your opinion?

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The other day I got the complete trilogy in the mail! I’m rereading the two first books, then I’ll read Mockingjay. It’s in my bookshelf, and I’m near trembling with anticipation to read it – or not. I’m excited but it’s not that bad. That’s why I’m rereading hunger games and catching fire first, to put some flames to the spark. But seriously – ingenious books. I just love the plot and the idea is so original and fantastic. Love love love it!

My plans for the night? Finish Hunger Games, that I just started today.

I’ll fail, but hopefully get a good few hundred pages done by midnight. hah.