About me

615871_382425828511134_740808937_oEvery poem, film or rant is really just another stab at the same thing, figuring out life, navigating the mind, our selves, the world as we see it and people as we see them. I have questions, and that is why I write. Film and poetry are to me two ways of exploring moments, feelings and memories. A big part of memories is the moment between the event and the memory, how life changes the way we see the past. Memories, or their significance, change, evolve, with us, against us because of and despite of us. Much of my content is inspired by “what ifs” when life took one turn and could have, should have or thankfully didn’t, take another. You could say my work is a sometimes parody of or sometimes a fantasy spin-off of my own life, and sometimes it is true to how I see things but not necessarily how they objectively are. I hope my work comes across as grounded, personal and true, because that’s what I pour into it and how I feel about it. Despite walking a thin line between biography an fiction, there is always truth is in the emotion and greater context of my work. A truth that at least makes sense to me, and hopefully translates to other people and situations as well.


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