Month of literary abandon. Literally.

2012 is my third consecutive annual attempt at writing a novel in a month. Both of my previous runs ended in a midway crisis, but I believe this will be the time that I nail those 50.000 words by the end of the month, and here’s why. Completing this crazy quest is all about mindset and determintation. Anyone can do it if they really want to. Now if you don’t really want to do it, then don’t. But if you do, know that no excuse will suffice. Ditch tumblr, facebook, friends, youtube and tv for a month and you have hours at hand right there. It’s a trade-off, and only worth what you’re willing to give up for it. I’ve broken up with facebook, reconnected with twitter and rearranged my schedule because I believe these are things that will make it a bit easier for me to reach my goal.

Now, no matter what you need to do (wreck your TV, park your car, dump your better half or stop going to classes), and no matter how good you are at doing these things, what it all comes down to is to just WRITE. Don’t go to sleep untill you’ve met your daily quota. One person you DO have to dump this month, however, is you inner editor. This is a writers exclusive trip. You’ll have the whole rest of the year to introduce what you produced to your inner editor, and the two of you will have plenty to talk about and plenty of stuff to edit then. But if you’re taking your inner editor with you on this journey, you can be pretty damn sure that there ain’t gonna be a 50K novel on your desk by the end of it. Unless you live in a cave with electricity but no internet, and type super fast, of course.

Jackson Pearce, Kristina Horner and John Green are some people that inspired me to want to try out this crazyness a few years ago, and it’s not a lie, you need to be a little crazy to attempt this, but crazy is GOOD! If you think writing a novel in a month sounds crazy, awful and a little bit fun, you should definitely check out what these awesome novelists have to say about the consept! Also, there’s this:

Good Luck!


Him and the others

your face is frozen
just a picture in a frame
I can’t really remember
what your face was like
and the face in the frame
doesn’t even look like you

we all get older
not you
you’ll never move on
you’ll never get to see these things
do these things
these things that people do

times change and people move on
pulled by the cart that is life
sometimes when I stop and look
i can remember the shadow of your memory
but your cart stopped moving a long time ago
and I can barely even remember how it was when you were here

the memories I had have been replayed to the point of destruction
and all I have now are the memories of the memories of the moments long gone
I can’t remember your face, I can’t hear your voice, I can’t feel your touch
it seems like a dream
a match lit and long burnt out in a dark tunnel of endlessness

were you ever even here

(c) Edel Garstad 2012

Poetic late-night rant?

It made sense 2 o’clock last night…:

I know it’s not easy, I know it’s hard to do
But when the moon goes down and when the sun goes up there’s only one thing you can do
You have to pick yourself up, pull by the neck if you want
Dust off the memories of the ghosts of the days and years that past
And move on

Put one foot in front of the other, walk with humble but shameless determination
Remember that downhill feeds speed for the uphill
Remember that what was said and done before is gone
All we have, all we need and all we should want lies ahead

So walk that mile,
Feel that pain,
Spill those tears
And move on

Du ska få ein dag i mårå

Jeg er i et rart humør i dag. Eksamen i sang er overstått og kanskje til og med bestått, fimlfestival (med en stk. film som jeg spiller i) kommer snart, Alexander Dale Oens bortgang ruver over hodene våre, jeg har bare en innleveringsoppgave igjen for hele semesteret, det er 3 dager igjen til jeg reiser til Norge, mye stress med potensiell transfer til høsten, rommet er pakket og tomt, og så har jeg hatt Lana Del Rey på replay de siste dagene. Jeg klarer ikke helt å definere hva den dama får meg til å føle. Det er noe fengslende, hjemsøkende og sært med den stemmen.

Det er noe med de dagene når alt plutselig bare skjer samtidig, forskjellige følelser drar deg i ulike retninger og hodet disser så du nesten får nakkesleng. Det føles deilig å være ferdig med eksamner, jeg er fortsatt i fornektelses fasen med den siste oppgaven som skal inn (“har 2 dager på meg jo”), jeg gru-gleder meg til film festivalen, jeg hjemsøkes av Lana Del Rey’s stemme, og alle nyhetene og postene om Alexander Dale Oen får meg til å kjenne hjertet i halsen for et lite øyeblikk. Hvordan går det an å plutselig føle så mye rart samtidig når de fleste andre dager bare går forbi i den samme grå tåka?

Det er rart å tenke på at jeg snart skal tilbake til der jeg var før jeg kom til Long Island, og at jeg skal være hjemme lengre enn hva jeg har vert her. Jeg liker virkelig ikke lange sommre; de føles bare som en tidfyller, tid som må passere før du får lov til å gå fra A til B. Er det noe jeg ikke er, er det en tolmodig sjel. Når jeg vet hva jeg vil, vil jeg det med en gang. Jeg tror jeg fortsatt fornekter slutten av semesteret litt, ubevisst eller ikke. Jeg er ikke klar for å si hejdå til alt dette helt enda. Jeg vet ikke hvordan ting kommer til å være til høsten, og jeg blir gal av å ikke vite, av å vente, av å lure.

Lista over ting jeg aldri hadde gjettet at skulle skje så fort vokser, samtidig som en del av meg føler det ikke er nok. Jeg har tid til mer, jeg vil gjøre mer.

  1. Synge foran en jurie
  2. Spille i en kortfilm
  3. Se meg selv på storskjerm sammen med publikum
  4. Leite etter leilighet på Manhattan
  5. Søke på ny skole – igjen.

up and down

So I know it’s been a while since I checked in with you all, and for that I take full responsability. Lots of things have gone down, but nothing’s really changed. Midterms, St. Patricks Day and Spring Break have all come and gone, I’ve felt overwhelming happiness and joy, I’ve touched on depression and I’ve broke down a few times. I’ve overcome some big obstacles, and I still have more to look forward to. I’ve listened to some great music, seen some great shows and had some really enlightening conversations. I’ve done my homework, presented my projects, applied to jobs and visited the city. I’ve thrown up, realized that me and Pratt (the gym) are becoming friendly and seen some people I hadn’t seen in a loong time. Overall, I really can’t complain. Yes, sometimes things are tough, and no, I don’t always feel on top of my game, but looking at the whole picture I feel I am very much on the right path, and no one said the right path would be easy.

Lately, I’ve brought some small and some larger changes into my life, and I feel good about them. I’ve realized that I’m not a black/white kind of person, and so I’m taking baby steps. I have quit shampoo and gone “no-poo”, which is perhaps the most radical change I’ve made. I’ve also started keeping a diary again, which really also is kind of radical. The gym and I are really becoming quite well aquainted, and I’ve noticed that every workout gets a little bit easier and a little bit more fun. I find I can push myself further and harder, run faster and longer, and lift heavier and higher. Baby steps. Feeling good!

In five weeks time I will be heading back home to my beautiful Norway. I do not have a job yet, but am contemplating my options before I apply. I’m not sure what I would like to do and where I would like to go (assuming I have options), but that needs to get sorted out soon, ’cause regardless of what happens, I need a job. Fo sho.

I don’t have a camera, but I have taken some random and some cute pictures with my iPad, and one day I might just get around to showing you some of those. Be patient with me, please.

Lots of love, and appreciation to my beautiful friends, readers, stumblers and stalkers.

Happy Monday and Peace out.


I was browsing the interwebs, just like any other night, when I got a facebook notification. Now, before you go ahead and make fun, saying things like “ooh, woohoo, you got ONE notification?!” I’ll just set the record straight for you. I do get more than one notification once in a blue moon, but this was a special notification. A member of a private but large facebook group that I am proud and happy to be a part of, posted a video called KONY 2012. I noticed that it was about 30 minutes long, and as it didn’t really resonate with me or ring a bell I was kind of about to ignore it, when I saw that the poster had written her own personal recommendation of the video, and I figured, hey, I trust these people in this group, and it’s not like I have anything better to do, so I pressed play.

In the starting minutes of the video, the narrator, Jason Russel, pronounced that this was an experiment, and in order for it to work, you had to pay attention. So I hit pause, signed off facebook, minimized the other windows still open on my screen, put the video to full screen and dimmed the fluorescent lights.

Now, this is the place where you stop reading if you have not yet seen the video that I’m talking about. I know that a lot of us are students, keeping busy jobs, just generally busy, all of the above or maybe just sceptical. I get it, I do. If you know me, however, I have one question for you. Do you trust me? If the answer is no, thank you for reading my blog at least! If the answer is yes, I strongly, strongly, from the bottom of my heart, wish that you see this video. It will take 30 minutes of your day. And I will give you my promise that it is well worth watching. (If you have already seen the video, don’t trust me or both of the above, this post will continue below the video).

Joseph KONY has been doing what he’s doing now (kidnapping children, turning the girls into sex slaves and the boys into child soldiers; he’s making them mutilate people’s faces and kill their own families) for twenty-six years. That is TWENTY-SIX years. These children and this man are invisible. No one knows about them. Governments are reluctant to participate or contribute to the case because the case is foreign to them – themselves or their own people are not personally threatened by KONY and acting on behalf of Uganda would not benefit them financially.

The goal with KONY 2012 is to make KONY famous. Not to honor him, but to put his crimes on the table. People need to see what has been going on, it’s the only way we can make anything happen.

What can you do to help?
1. Share the video
2. Tell people about KONY
3. Visit and sign the pledge
4. While you are at the site, start tweeting, calling or writing the targeted celebrities and politicians
5. Get the action kit
6. Plan ahead, and participate in Cover The Night

See if there is any local group you can join, or make one yourself. Powerful things happen when passionate people get together with the same idea and belief, be it only in this one case.